Exceptional health is your environment, your mindset, the food you consume and your lifestyle choices. It's time to make the connection. 

Meet Brandi


Welcome! As a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, my focus is helping others optimize their well-being through transforming their relationship with food. I relish the chance to get into the kitchen with my clients; this is where we "revamp the pantry", refresh your grocery list, and begin to re-energize the way you cook.  I'm also here to help you identify the habits that aren't serving you, and to provide the foundation for cultivating healthier lifestyle choices. I am a passionate foodie and lover of providing delicious, whole-food nourishment to those around me- but guess what? It hasn't always been this way. Ask anyone who knows me, if you would have told them 10 years ago that one day I would be as enthusiastic about nutrition as I am about my shoe collection they would have laughed you out of the room! This is why I know that I can help YOU get there too; I still love my stilettos, but my heart is in the kitchen.  Urban Hippie is where my two worlds collide; I would love to tell you more about my journey. 

Hemp Hearts & High Heels...


My life as an Urban Hippie began in 2010. A breast cancer diagnosis at 35 years old shook me to my core and brought about changes in my life that were drastically overdue. Navigating the then unknown territories of curly kale and health food store deodorants was a daunting and utterly foreign task for this former party girl; to say I struggled to find my place in this patchouli-scented universe would be a comical understatement.  I invite you to come hang out with me on my blog for real talk about wellness, fun healthy food ideas, and tips and tricks for making the transitions toward the way you want to feel. 

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Individual & Family Nutrition Counseling
Sustainable Weight Loss & Weight Management
Adopting a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet
Kickstart Your Lifestyle Group Sessions
Custom Meal Planning
Prepared Whole Food Delivery 
Trouble-Shoot Your Pantry & Supermarket 101 

What you are consuming every day is unbelievably powerful. Food is fuel. Food creates how you feel. Food can help reverse and prevent disease. Eating well should be enjoyable and worthwhile; I would love to help you feel the way you want to feel so that you can live the life you are meant to live. 

(Payment plans are available for many of our programs! Urban Hippie's services are covered by many insurance plans including iA Financial Group, Greenshield Canada, Manulife, Blue Cross Alberta, ClaimSecure and SunLife, as long as the corporation policy includes Nutritional Counseling as an option.)