How I got here and why I do what I do...


Individual & family nutrition counseling.

Transitioning to a Whole-Food, Plant- Based (WFPB) diet.

Managing chronic disease with nutrition.

Sustainable weight loss & weight management.

Healthy cooking / meal planning.

Nutrient dense, ready-to-eat food items delivered to you!

My Story
"The need for change bulldozed a road down the centre of my mind".
I wasn't always a health nut. (Cue laughter from my family and friends.) With no exaggeration at all I can tell you that there was a time when my refrigerator was utilized for keeping my nail polish fresh, and my oven mostly functioned as storage due to my 500 square feet of living space. A breast cancer diagnosis at the ripe old age of 35 was the catalyst for creating a shift in my life (and in my kitchen!) that I never could have seen coming.
I can't talk about my passion for good health without telling you about how my own well-being became more than just a passing thought. 10 years ago my cancer diagnosis was announced to me on a Wednesday morning by a random doctor at the walk-in clinic down the street from my condo.  I didn't have a family doctor at the time, so somebody had to do the honors I suppose. (Pro-tip - find yourself a kind and compassionate family practitioner, this is not a moment you share with a total stranger if you can help it.) There really isn't any way to describe the array of emotions a person goes through when a doctor confirms that yes, your tumor is cancerous.  Of course I had been praying for a favorable outcome as anyone would be, but part of me just knew that my misspent youth (which at 35 years old was wayyy past it's expiration date to say the least), had finally caught up with me. 
After a whirlwind introduction to the local cancer centre, about a dozen nurses and oncologists, and what felt like a 5 minute meeting with a surgeon (although I'm sure it was much longer than that, this is just how things feel when you're reeling with crazy), off I went to have a tumour removed.  (Come visit me on my blog to read more awesome commentary on how all of THAT went down.) During this wild and weird process I started to take stock of my life choices, and half of my brain began to realize (much to the other half's chagrin), that perhaps my party-all-night-sleep-all-day-frozen dinner way of life needed a makeover- and fast! At the risk of cutting my personal story very short, (again, click on my blog for the down and dirty details),  I continued to research the surprisingly vast world of nutritional-based healing, and I decided the post-surgery, conventional medicine route was not for me. To say I was hooked on this new way of life is an understatement; I completely threw myself into studying health and wellness and I've never looked back.  My health nut way of life didn't happen overnight, this transition has endured having no idea where to begin,  all kinds of epic miscalculations, and oodles of falling down and getting back up again. That being said, 10 years later I am grateful to say that I am cancer free, better than ever, and here to help others prioritize their well-being. 
My journey with my health has evolved tremendously over the years since my initial dazed and confused trek into my local health food grocer. My designations currently include Registered Holistic Nutritionist,  Certified Nutritional Consultant, and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. Over the past 10 years I've gained the tools I needed to help others do what I did for myself; own their choices and change their patterns. My time is now dedicated to using my life experience and my knowledge of nutrition to empower others, helping them bring their bodies back into balance one step at a time. My joy comes from teaching others how to optimize their physical and mental well being through creating new eating habits and making true lifestyle change. My goal is to continue to share the message that food is medicine; this is my mantra, the lesson which has been the driving force behind my health journey.  
So here's the deal; the YOLO girl who still has a permanent residence in the back of my brain wants you to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, take every chance. The nutritionist in me wants you to acknowledge the choices you've made that have led you to my website; if there wasn't any work to be done, you wouldn't find yourself here. My job is to help you make the connection, find the balance, and most importantly, feel the way you want to feel. 
xo  Brandi